Virtual Parent Coaching for Moms of Teens

Becoming a mom is one of the greatest experiences you can have, but parenting a teenager can make you question everything. During adolescence, you might have horrifying moments where you think, “I sound just like my mother!” You could also struggle to connect with your child the way you used to, feeling out of touch and even abandoned as they develop their own ideas and beliefs.

Back-to-school has always been an exciting albeit challenging time of year. In the wake of COVID, many families are struggling to cope with the fear and anxiety of returning to the classroom. Some have opted to homeschool or embrace distance education, which comes with its own challenges you may not know how to resolve.

Our virtual parent coaching can help mothers like you begin to reconnect with your teen and navigate some of the greatest challenges they’re facing today.

Back-to-School Challenges for Teens

High school marks some of the most emotionally difficult years for both teens and their parents. Here are some of the most common issues students face as they embark on another school year.

Freshmen may be nervous about starting high school altogether, especially during the coronavirus or even online. Seniors may feel a sense of nostalgia and even loss as they prepare for graduation and beyond. There are many emotions that are completely normal and healthy, including anxiety. The difference lies in functional vs. dysfunctional anxiety. If your teen is crippled by their worries, a professional’s advice may be what they need. Adolescence is when many anxiety disorders and depression start to emerge, and early intervention is the best way to improve your teens’ mental health in the long run.

Low Self-Esteem
Teens who are victims of bullying or always struggled with their self-image can be drawn toward isolation and self-destructive behaviors. Depression and eating disorders often manifest through actions, and it may surprise parents that many of their teen’s defiant behaviors are really symptoms of a bigger issue.

You may struggle to get your teen to open up, but parent coaching can help bridge the gap between the two of you.

No Motivation
Skipping classes, not turning in homework or avoiding school altogether can cause tremendous conflict in the household. As a mom, watching your teenager act against their best interest and make such avoidable mistakes can also cause you to feel like a failure. Sometimes, this failure comes out as anger, and you wind up worsening the situation rather than approaching your teen from a place of love and patience.

Motivational struggles in teens can be linked to a variety of causes, including depression, anxiety and undiagnosed learning disabilities.

The Purpose of Parent Coaching

Our virtual parent coaching puts you in touch with a licensed therapist who understands the challenges mothers and their teens face. They help you identify your own struggles and develop solutions that improve your life and the way you interact with your entire family.

Parent coaching is not therapy, and it is not designed to replace treatment for mental health disorders or other bigger issues. Instead, it is a person-centered approach to counseling that helps moms reconnect with themselves, so they communicate better with their children.

More than just advice, parent coaching is a positive, judgement-free space where you can vent all of the emotions, thoughts and fears you may struggle to express anywhere else. You may feel burdened by your teenager’s troubles or raising a special needs child; you could struggle with identity and long for more time being a person and less of a parent. All of these are real issues that need compassion, patience and acceptance.

We now offer virtual parent coaching for moms that can be done from anywhere with a WiFi connection. Talk to one of our therapists on the phone in your car or in the morning over coffee, we’re here to list. Our flexible scheduling puts our services right in the palm of your hand, whenever you need them.

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