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No matter your age, we are all social beings and we learn, grow, and heal through our relationships. A strong relationship between the counselor and the client creates an environment for change by helping clients share their inner thoughts, feelings and perspectives that might be preventing them from being successful in one or more areas of their lives. A calm and practical approach is needed in helping to co-create a safe learning environment that provides a sense of belonging, creativity and respect.

Helping people to be curious about themselves, and to acknowledge and accept the good and challenging parts of themselves, leads to acceptance, personal insight and movement towards goals. By reframing behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle choices that impede success, you can become more effective at reaching your desired goals and learn to be your authentic self.

In working with children and adolescents, everything here is true. However, it can look different at various stages of development. Brandon is a registered play therapist and incorporates play-based interventions for younger clients that are engaging, supportive and healing; that facilitate the therapeutic process. Brandon takes a kid-centered approach to help parents and their children work through challenges related to responsibility and truthfulness, working to find common ground and solutions to conflicts that occur in the parent-child and/or parent-adolescent relationship.

Brandon’s Specialties:

•  Adult Counseling
•  Child Counseling
•  Men’s Counseling/Mental Health

•  School Difficulties/Challenges
•  Trauma & Abuse
•  Adolescent Counseling
•  Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder

•  Play Therapy
•  Interpersonal Conflicts
•  Anxiety & Depression
•  Parent Coaching

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