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Clinton absolutely loves what he does and leaves his workday energized by the transformative process he gets to engage in day after day! Working with older adolescents, individual adults, couples, parents, and families, Clinton simply devours the counseling process; exploring issues of anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, relationships, life-stage adjustment, family life, spirituality, and sexuality.

With an intense interest in working with couples who are struggling in relationship or want to enhance their relationship with advanced awareness and skills, Clinton capitalizes on the current strengths of the individual and couple to help couples advocate for what they are wanting in relationship, learn new ways to navigate conflict, and co-create the things they most want with their partners. With a background consisting of public school education, early childhood development, work with adolescent youth and their parents, graduate school instruction and clinical training, public speaking, clinical therapeutic practice, and practical relationship experience stemming from years of life-giving partnership with his wife (also father of two really fun boys), Clinton offers a unique integrative style that draws from the diversity of his experience.

Clinton’s Specialties:

•  Individual Counseling
•  Couples Counseling
•  Family Therapy
•  Parent Coaching

•  Sexuality
•  Anxiety & Depression
•  Sexual Difficulties for Individuals & Couples

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