Foundations Family Counseling Specialties


At Foundations Family Counseling, our contracted counselors are deeply intuitive and well rounded. We invest a lot of time into contracting therapists that not only have a wide-range of counseling specialties, but also skills that are complimentary towards our other contracted counselors. Our therapists are collaborative and resourced. They are continuously consulting other professionals to brainstorm all possible options in order to help our clients grow and change.

Our highly experienced counselors and therapists specialize in a broad range of counseling specialties including those listed below. If you are interested in a therapy or specialty not listed, please give us a call at 303-393-0085 and we will find a therapist that is right for you.

Individual Counseling

Learn to better process life and all of its joys, stresses, and deep meanings.

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Couples Counseling

Vulnerability & transparency are the pathways to aliveness in a relationship.

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Child-Centered Play Therapy

Play therapy is hard work and it is a necessary work for many children.

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Trauma & Abuse Therapy

Healing from the hurts of life is difficult. Life is beautiful, but also painful.

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Greif & Loss Therapy - Foundations Family Counseling - Denver - Boulder - Littleton (1)

Grief & Loss Counseling

Whether it’s through death, hardship or transition, grief comes in many ways.

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Addictions Counseling - Foundations Family Counseling - Denver - Boulder - Littleton (1)

Addictions Counseling

We as people are wired for addiction – That may sound outrageous but its true!

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Spirituality & Faith Counseling

Life is a journey and a beautiful process towards something and ‘someone’.

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Anxiety & Depression Counseling

Learn how to dismantle your chronic cycle of pain.

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Early Childhood Counseling - Foundations Family Counseling - Denver - Boulder - Littleton (1)

Early Childhood Counseling

Seek to evaluate and support the building blocks being laid in your child’s life.

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Adolescents Counseling

The internal world of the adolescent is ever-shifting and always changing.

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Parent Coaching & Support

A collaborative effort where we seek to support, teach, and develop you as a parent.

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Divorce Counseling

Let us walk with you through the process of rebuilding and restoring what was lost.

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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Heal from long-term trauma and begin to find greater freedom from painful symptoms.

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Sometimes life feels like an enemy, but we know it can be our ally – We want you to experience this truth!