Denver Counseling Center

Address: 789 Sherman St, Suite 440, Denver, CO 80203
Counselors: Available in Denver
Telephone: 303-393-0085
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Get In Touch with Foundations Family Counseling

Foundations Family Counseling has been serving the Denver metro area for more than 15 years. Whether you’ve had experience with counseling in the past or are interested in meeting with a counselor for the first time, we’d love to connect with you and hear what is going on and what you are looking to achieve. We understand therapy can be an intimidating process and we recognize that it requires great courage to reach out for help.

In order to best connect you with one of our contract therapists, briefly tell us about what you are looking for from a counselor. If we don’t have just the right therapist for you, we will help you to get connected with someone outside our walls. More than anything, we want people to feel more alive, more empowered, and have more enjoyment in living.