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Adolescents Counseling

The stage of life in and around the adolescent years is one intense and crazy time to be a person, and/or to be a parent. In this time of life there is so much happening and so much that can.

The internal world of the adolescent is ever shifting and changing and in our work with teens, pre-teens, and young adults we seek to help this season of life be one that shifts and changes for the best.

If you are an adolescent then you may know the intensity of what change and ups and downs that we are talking about. If you are a parent you may see that very well also.

In counseling, we seek to help bring perspective, support, and guidance to this dynamic time of life. We want you (or your child) to move into the teenage years and adult years from a place of strength and sometimes that takes a lot of work. There are so many voices and things that want to influence and direct the life of an adolescent and we want to make sure those internal and external things are understood and navigated with intention.

Whether it’s simply just a space to help you or your child during this decade of development or whether its a more pressing issue we are here to help, support, teach, guide, and celebrate with you your becoming.

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