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Divorce Counseling

Divorce may be the easiest decision of your entire marriage or the most difficult. The emotional responses to divorce vary, but there is often a wide range of feelings all occurring at once, ranging from guilt and sadness to relief and anxiety. Recovering from a divorce takes time, and divorce counseling can help you find a sense of closure so you can confidently start the next chapter of your life.

What Is Divorce Counseling?

Divorce counseling services help people cope with the emotions associated with divorce so they can move forward on a brighter note. Depending on the duration of the marriage, people may be separating from someone they’ve built a life with, including a house, children and pets.

Divorce severs a person’s sense of stability in both themselves and the future; through counseling, you can release all of the emotions you have surrounding your divorce. Acknowledgment is the first step toward acceptance. By allowing yourself to explore the full extent of your pain, you can begin to heal.

Should I Get a Divorce?

Perhaps you haven’t made the final decision to end your marriage yet. When one person wants a divorce and the other doesn’t, it can drag on the process and prolong pain for months or even years. We can help you begin to explore the problems in your marriage and determine whether or not divorce is really what you want.

Many times, people who are unsure about whether or not they want a divorce really have deeper needs that are being unmet. If your partner is willing, you may wish to engage in couples counseling to start rebuilding your marriage.

Even though the best attempts do not always result in a happy union, couples who go through counseling can ultimately separate on an amicable note. If you’re struggling to overcome the fear and guilt of asking for a divorce, our counselors can help you develop the confidence you need to feel secure in your decision.

Therapy can help you accept an apology you never received, learn to forgive yourself, and gradually unpack all the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying around.

Pre- and Post-Divorce Counseling

Even if a divorce is ending amicably, counseling can help both parties communicate in a compassionate, civil manner. Custody arrangements and other major arrangements work best when both people can collaborate respectfully.

Pre-divorce counseling can help you learn how to focus on the future while coming to terms with the past. Post-divorce counseling is ideal for those who are recently divorced and want to put the past behind them; we’ll work together to process your pain and help you learn from your experiences.

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