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Jennie Tuttle Baughn

An Independent Contractor With Foundations Family Counseling

Navigating life is simply challenging! Life is filled with so much opportunity, choice, heartache and transition. You may wonder if you have the skills, the strength, or the courage to manage it all. Jennie is masterful at helping you to develop the skills, and build the strength and courage you need to survive, and more than that, thrive!

Jennie uses an integrative therapeutic approach addressing the mind, body, and spirit. She trusts that you know yourself best and, as you build your therapeutic rapport, her goal is for you to feel really known so that what you deeply know about yourself and what Jennie knows about the human person will come together in a healing collaboration. Always happy to meet you where you are in your journey, you will be heard, challenged, and supported by Jennie as you learn coping skills, self-care practices, and strength-building techniques with which to approach and manage life’s transitions related to family, school, career, relationships, and more.

Jennie is thoughtful, empathic, and deeply caring. She holds unwavering hope for her clients and provides true unconditional support.

Jennie’s Specialties:

•  Individual Counseling
•  Self-Esteem & Identity
•  Anxiety & Stress

•  Adolescent Counseling
•  Depression
•  Life Transitions

•  Relationship Issues
•  Peer Relationships

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