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Spirituality & Faith Counseling

Life is sacred and all of life is meaningful; for all its worth, dark and light, beautiful and painful. Life is a journey and a process towards something and ‘someone’. In this process there is great potential for growth and abundance.

In counseling from a spiritually minded perspective, we seek to operate in a manner consistent with what it means to be human, understanding that at a foundational level we deeply long for intimate and genuine connection.

In counseling issues of spirituality and faith, we work towards creating an open space where exploration and reverence are key. In this space we seek to ask genuine questions, provide challenging thoughts, encourage depth and insight, and seek to motivate change.

Our counselors come from different walks of life and different faith backgrounds. In counseling around issues of spirituality and faith we utilize numerous modalities and perspectives. We look forward to walking with you in this process and hope that through it growth, healing, and joy will come.

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