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Spirituality & Faith Counseling

Spirituality is a source of comfort for many people, especially when they’re faced with hardships. While many assume spirituality is tied to religion, there are actually many ways to become spiritual without adopting any particular faith.

Spirituality and faith counseling can help people find comfort and address their mental health from a spiritual perspective; it can also help those who are longing for a deeper meaning in their life to begin exploring their spirituality, and what the term means to them, in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

What is Spirituality Counseling?

Spirituality counseling unifies the divine and sacred concepts of spirituality with science-backed psychotherapy techniques. The majority of spiritual counseling is rooted in deep conversations, meditation and mindfulness. Many Buddhist and Taoist principles are implemented, but there are also faith-based counseling services available that draw support from religions like Christianity.

You do not have to believe in a higher power to attend spirituality counseling. Instead, you are introduced to the concept of a living universe and energy points in the body. By balancing these energy points, which are called chakras, you can begin to experience a greater sense of peace and control over your mind.

Spirituality vs. Religion

Although they are closely intertwined, spirituality is broader than religion. While religion can be defined as a specific set of beliefs and values, spirituality is the metaphysical nature of questioning our own existence. You do not need a religion to explore and nurture your own spiritual health; all you need is an open mind, a willingness to engage in deep conversation and the desire to find “more” to this life.

Spiritual and faith counseling can help you begin to tackle some of the most challenging questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” and “How can I achieve true happiness?”

Benefits of Spirituality on Mental Health

Spirituality has been proven to have long-lasting effects in the treatment of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and substance abuse. Even the 12-step program of addiction treatment is a form of faith counseling. Not only does it aim to help people overcome addiction, but it also strives to help them find peace and strength by forming a relationship with God.

Spirituality and faith-based counseling can help you feel less alone. It can also help you explore religion in a safe environment; if you have been hurt by the church, or you want to question the beliefs you grew up with, spirituality counseling can help you heal as you find answers.

The goals of our spiritual counseling services are set by you; we will never impose any belief systems or rules on you. Our only desire is to help you explore and grow through the help of our trained counselors. Contact us today to schedule your first session.

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