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Amanda Bear is a powerful facilitator of healing. Working with Amanda will allow you to dive deep into the patterns that are the source of your struggles, helping you to take that risk within a secure and connected relationship.

Amanda’s experience in addiction work has given her the perspective needed to see problems as a part of a system rather than as isolated symptoms. She uses a variety of conventional and non-traditional techniques in therapy to create a curated experience that addresses each client’s needs. Her clients can expect to feel empowered, understood, and hopeful. Amanda’s role as a counselor is to sit with, and accept, the discomfort life throws our way, while providing the space needed to heal.

At the heart of Amanda’s work is helping others discover their truest selves so that they may flourish. Amanda believes that we are wounded in relationships, and because of this, we also must heal in relationships. For this reason, Amanda really tends to the therapeutic relationship in order to provide the experience of feeling safe.

Amanda’s experience in high pressure environments has taught her what is essential in healing the wounds that impact us daily. She is a highly sought out change agent who uses her diverse knowledge in the field to create a therapeutic experience that restores connection. Her hope is that in restoring connection to both self and other, clients will find themselves doing better than just surviving, but experiencing something that is closer to thriving.

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Thea’s Specialties:

•  Trauma (EMDR)
•  Anxiety & Depression
•  Women’s Issues

•  Identity & Self-worth
•  Issues in Pregnancy & Infertility
•  Early Childhood Trauma
•  Adult Counseling

•  ADHD or Neurodivergence
•  Mood Disorders
•  Young Adults (20s and 30s)
•  Transitions & Phase of Life

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