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An Independent Contractor With Foundations Family Counseling

Melissa is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Clinical Trauma Professional with an impressively vast range of experience spanning the last decade. But as impressive as her experience is, there’s something more important; more to pay attention to. Melissa is true… true to herself and true to her clients. She has learned the art of listening to herself and trusting herself, which makes her especially adept at listening to her clients and trusting them to partner with her in whatever it is they are wanting to shift, change, learn, grow in, or adapt to. She is a calming, gently challenging, stable guide for those who are ready for something really different from what they have been experiencing. And she is out-of-the-box creative! She understands that change doesn’t happen only by “talking about” what we are wanting. Change happens by “doing” something different and having a new and expanded experience. Does it get better than that? Real change… Starting now.

And to top it all off, Melissa is an accomplished trainer, public speaker, and social advocate… which tells you something about her heart and her spirit. Alive with the desire for expanding knowledge and participating in systemic change, you know that Melissa isn’t going to be a passive observer, but rather an active participant in the change you are looking for; cheering you on and nurturing in you the underlying strengths and resilience you have always possessed.

Bonus: Melissa has a wonderful companion… a beautiful Siberian Husky therapy dog named Aleu. She joins in, when helpful, to assist in community activism and serve as a soothing and fun support for clients. Aleu is simply amazing with anxiety and grief!

Treatment modalities: ABA, CBT, DBT, EMDR, Mindfulness, Somatic awareness, Telehealth, Trauma, and Yoga.

Populations served: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families, and Couples.

Melissa Perry’s Specialties:

•  Crisis Intervention
•  Behavioral Therapy
•  Child & Family Counseling
•  Individual Counseling
•  Group Therapy

•  Addiction Counseling
•  Motivational Interviewing
•  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•  Yoga for trauma and self-care
•  Social Work

•  Mental Health Counseling
•  Presentation Skills
•  Autism Experience
•  Curriculum Development

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