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Anxiety & Depression Counseling

Anxiety and depression are normal experiences of all persons yet at times what happens to you in this very functional process can feel like a rollercoaster of the worst kind.

When our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls are functioning well together you’d never notice the cycle of anxiety and depression; but, when something goes wrong or an aspect of who you are is negatively impacted, the severity of anxiety and depression which you experience can be debilitating.

In our attempts to help here we seek to uphold the unique and multifaceted person that you are and in this place begin a process of healing and restoration of your true-self: heart, mind, body and soul, dealing directly with your unique needs and desires as they relate to what it means to be an embodied person struggling with a sense of balance and okay-ness.

In issues of anxiety and depression, we want to help dismantle the cycle of pain and help you know that you can be okay and will be.

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