How to Control Your Political Anxiety

The current election has been one of, if not the most, controversial and socially tense political events in modern American history. On top of wrestling with a pandemic, we are faced with uncertainty about the future, increasing violence in our communities, social injustice and a dwindling economy. Regardless of which party you support, political stress can induce serious anxiety that can make everyday life difficult to manage.

Every American is currently facing some sort of stress regarding our current political climate. We know that after the election, there is still a long road ahead to positive change. The constant news cycle online can cause us to feel like the stress and fear is inescapable, but there are ways to cope.

Below are a few suggestions you may consider while trying to ease your political anxiety.

Limit Your News Exposure

Choose your sources wisely, and avoid filling your feed with constant updates about the election. You might worry about missing out on crucial information, but checking the headlines once a day or every other day is enough. Any major coverage will make it through to mainstream news regardless. Set a limit for how many articles you’ll read each day, and make a decision to engage in research rather than spend an hour or more pouring through the comment sections.

Share Your Opinions Where They Will Be Respected

One of the easiest pathways to political fatigue is constant debating, especially when you’re speaking to strangers online. Being an advocate does not mean you are obligated to educate everyone. That’s their responsibility, not your duty. When you start a political discussion with anyone, make sure it’s in an environment that is going to lead to greater respect, knowledge and awareness. Any alternative only fuels stress and leads to more division.

Identify the Role of Politics in Your Life

What role does the political content and conversations you engage with play in your existence? Do they bring you stress, depression and anxiety, or do you gain a sense of control or radical hope when supporting your party?

Politics affect virtually every aspect of our lives, but they can also become so entangled with our personal values and daily routines that we fail to recognize our own freedom and power.

You may find talking with one of our counselors beneficial as you work through your political stress and anxiety during this challenging time. We’re here to listen to you, hear you and help guide you toward a greater sense of peace and resolution, even amidst such uncertainty.

Together, we can come up with strategies for living in such a politically divided society and cultivating an environment that makes you feel safe, secure and confident. Reach out to us here to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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