Fall Social Distancing Activities for the Family

Fall is a time for many traditions and outdoor activities, but the coronavirus pandemic will alter the way we welcome the new season this year. Social distancing protects us and our community, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo all your favorite fall activities.

You can put a new, safe spin on autumn with these fun fall activities the whole family will enjoy.

Pumpkin and Apple Picking

As long as the farms are open, your family can socially distance while still harvesting your own apples and soon-to-be jack-o-lanterns for the fall. With each member in their mask and some hand sanitizer in your bag, you can still partake in this wonderful tradition while giving the kids access to some fresh air and outdoor space.

Make Fall Crafts Together

Decorate the home with your own Halloween decorations. Print out some Halloween coloring sheets, and check out this collection of fall crafts for kids to inspire your own creative designs. These tutorials are easy, inexpensive and perfect for all age levels. You’ll also get the adorable keepsakes to cherish for years to come.

Bake an Apple Pie

Warm apple pie is a delicious fall staple that the kids can help make. Older children can learn how to peel and slice apples, and the little ones can help by counting out ingredients. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to bake, this is a great chance to spend more time in the kitchen.

Hold a Virtual Halloween Movie Marathon

Join your loved ones on Netflix Party to watch some spooky, kid-friendly Halloween movies together. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Monster Family
  • The Little Vampire
  • Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween
  • Super Monsters Save Halloween
  • Ghost Patrol
  • Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Go for a Kid-Friendly Hike Near Denver

The good thing about living in Colorado is that there’s no shortage of scenic hiking trails. These family hiking trails are able to be done at a safe distance and give you plenty of space to take in the gorgeous views, changing leaves and crisp autumn weather.

If you aren’t able to go on a full hike, take a scenic drive instead! Give the kids their own disposable cameras, and let them capture fall magic happening right outside their windows.

Make Your Own S’mores

If you have a fire pit, you can all gather around to roast marshmallows and make delicious homemade s’mores. If you only have a microwave or oven, that’s okay, too. This recipe will give you all the information you need to make these tasty treats indoors.

Make a Scarecrow

The whole family can pitch in to make a scarecrow that you plop on the front porch all season long. All you need is a pair of old jeans and a flannel shirt, a hat, straw and some yardsticks. You can even consider repurposing a plastic pumpkin bucket for your scarecrow’s head!

Make Your Own Costumes

Trick-or-treating and a trip to the costume store is more risk than its worth. A homemade costume can be much more fun, affordable and a great way for your kids to express themselves. From the classic bedsheet ghost to their own rendition of their favorite TV character, have fun brainstorming and looking up different tutorials online.

This guide to homemade kids Halloween costumes can spark your imagination.

Support You Need All Year

Coping with social distancing and change from the coronavirus isn’t easy. As a parent you likely feel like you always have to have all the answers, but that isn’t possible in this day and age. To help you navigate this difficult time and any stress you face, we offer virtual counseling services for individuals, couples and children.

To learn more about us or to book an appointment, contact Foundations Family Counseling today.