Virtual Counseling

Technology has made it possible for us to access just about everything online, including a therapist. There are many reasons why people choose to attend virtual counseling instead of going to an office. Now, with coronavirus quarantines being mandated throughout the United States, virtual counseling is proving to be a tremendous asset.

Benefits of Online Counseling

In addition to helping people during times like the present, virtual counseling is something beneficial year-round. For many people, attending therapy online is more affordable, easier to access and even a good stepping stone for those who are too nervous or afraid to go to counseling in person.

Online therapists are also easier to connect with on your own time. Your clinician will utilize a video conferencing platform that is Hippa compliant.

Good therapy is always aligned with your goals, and the right therapist will always strive to do what makes you the most comfortable. Virtual therapy is just another way that counseling is evolving to better suit every client’s needs.

How Virtual Counseling Works

When you decide to partake in virtual counseling, we will connect you with one of our professional mental health counselors and arrange a time to talk. Just like we would speak in person, you’ll meet face-to-face through a video chat.

The counselor will first get to know you, asking some questions that help ease the tension of all first encounters and establish a healthy rapport. Then, we’ll delve into what’s brought you to counseling and how we can work together to find solutions.

The Benefits of Virtual Counseling During the Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic’s effect on mental health is real; the heightened stress, anxiety, depression during isolation and fear that can arise during self-quarantine deserves support. We are committed to helping you work through this difficult time and helping you prepare for what comes next.

Being at home during the coronavirus, either alone or with family, can cause new things to come up in your mental health that you’re unsure how to combat. Not being able to go to work or go outside can lead to feelings of isolation, depression and fear. You may also find yourself struggling to follow a routine and have a sense of progression; living so closely with others can also lead to more conflict, so healthy communication is crucial to making it through this together.

Although no one can predict the future, we can find certainty in our own power at any given moment. Working with one of our licensed counselors from the comfort of your own home can help you find strength as you work through your feelings and determine the best way to stay calm, stay safe and look after your mental health as new information emerges.

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