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Virtual Learning Tips for Elementary School Students & Parents

Back to school is always a time of rapid change and new challenges; some children are more eager to start the new year than others, but this year, virtually everyone is facing unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress about returning to the classroom, navigating distance learning and figuring out how to adapt to homeschooling. Parents and students alike are tasked with new obstacles, and this tension can bubble over into the family life as well.

We want to help you and your children adapt the best you can to this new school year; from COVID-19 anxiety to face mask stress and remote learning challenges, we’re here to guide you step-by-step and help you manage and grow through the struggles.

Resistance to Online Learning

Many parents report their children struggle to focus online. The virtual classroom is a far cry from school as they know it, and elementary students in particular can face difficulty adapting to the new, digital environment. Traditional school provides the atmosphere they need to stay focused, as well as guidance and motivation from teachers and their peers.

As a parent, you might find yourself losing patience after trying your hardest to make the online learning experience enjoyable. This is a joint effort that requires frequent collaboration with your child’s teacher; the best things you can do on your end are establish a routine, use incentives and also accomodate the learning environment to suit your child’s needs and personality.

There may also be underlying issues causing your child to resist distance learning. Anxiety, stress and even an undiagnosed learning disability can cause students to reject schooling as a way to cope.

We can meet with you and your child to identify the underlying causes of your struggles and develop personalized strategies to overcome them. There is a lot of trial and error involved, which is why having a therapist mediate and keep track of successes and failures can be so helpful.

Emotional Burnout

Parents face the risk of burnout just from trying to manage work, family and their own mental health. COVID has caused many pre-existing conditions to emerge with vengeance, including depression and anxiety disorders. On top of your own struggles, you’re likely faced with the fear of sending your child back to school and the challenges of raising them while trying to work, coping with unemployment or struggling to arrange adequate childcare.

We recognize that this is an immensely difficult time for parents, and we want to be there for you. Reaching out for help and focusing some attention on your own problems is the opposite of selfish; it gives you the skills and support you need to truly be there for your children and family.

Virtual Therapy for Parents and Students

We offer virtual counseling services to help you make therapy work for you. We can arrange video and phone calls with you and work with your children to develop a new routine that breeds happiness, success and growth. To learn more, contact us today. After you request information, we can briefly touch upon some of your struggles and pair you with the therapist we think will be the best fit.