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Summer Social Distancing Activities in Colorado

Social distancing protects us, our loved ones and our communities. The coronavirus has and will continue to impact the way we live forever, but that doesn’t mean we can no longer enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Summer vacation is one of the most anticipated times of year for families. Although it will look different this year, there are plenty of fun activities you and your family can participate in this summer in Colorado while respecting social distancing guidelines.


When it comes to scenic landscapes, Colorado is a jackpot. There is no shortage of outdoor adventures you can safely enjoy outside while practicing social distancing. The Rocky Mountain National Park features over 200 miles of trails that can lead you to lakes, waterfalls and gorgeous mountain cliffs. The Pikes Peak Region is another great choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to go hiking or biking; check out Cheyenne Mountain National Park, Red Mountain and the Austin Bluffs Open Space.

Paddle Boarding

Cool off in some of Colorado’s crystalline waters by signing up for a stand-up paddle boarding class. If you’re already familiar with the sport, grab your board and head out to a safe spot like Cherry Creek Reservoir, Big Soda Lake Reservoir and Lake Dillon. Make sure you research the rules and regulations for any location before you head out.

Road Trips

Scenic drives are one of the quintessential Colorado experiences. Although you may be limited to where you can go with people, you can still take in the beautiful mountain peaks and sweeping landscapes that the state has to offer. From national parks to forests and lakeside resorts, you can take head out for a day or make it a weekend adventure.

Backyard Camping

It may not be as fun as the woods, but if you want to stay home and practice social distancing as much as possible, you can transform your backyard into your own oasis. Pitch a tent, start a fire and roast vegetables, hot dogs and marshmallows under the stars. You can enjoy all the trappings of the great outdoors without putting yourself at risk of exposure.

If you don’t have the yard or equipment for a fully outdoors experience, transform the living room into a camping spot instead. Push all the furniture against the walls and sprawl out on a sea of soft blankets and comfy pillows. Enjoy a picnic-style dinner and watch movies on the TV or using a wall projector. Indoor camping is also great for families with small children or members who aren’t fans of sleeping outside.

Learn New Skills

Turn your attention to your hobbies this summer and take time to explore a new interest. Have you always wanted to learn to play the guitar? Maybe you can start writing that novel you’ve always thought about. Whether it’s arts and crafts or playing sports, focus on introducing novelty to your life in a simple, consistent manner.

It’s okay to feel sad, frustrated and anxious about the coronavirus and social distancing. To help you work through the challenges of adapting to life during COVID-19, we offer virtual counseling services you can access on your own terms. Contact us today to learn more.