Seeking Therapy When Life is “Smooth Sailing”

We often associate seeing a therapist when we have an issue to resolve or a problem to fix: you and your partner are on the brink of ending your relationship; your parent has passed away; your child was suspended from school for “behavior problems;” you lost your job and are facing financial struggles. We may feel fearful, anxious, hopeless, and depressed. At these times in our lives, as Clinton mentioned in his recent “How Do I Know When It’s Time to Get Professional Help?” blog, “we need an empathic and objective observer; someone who will tell us the truth and affirm us.” We seek guidance, support, and solutions from a professional perspective. **Important note to acknowledge: making the decision and reaching out to a therapist may feel like the most intimidating, overwhelming step to take so props to you for doing so!

But, what if your life seems to be going well? Is it still acceptable to seek therapy if you are not experiencing a problem, break-up, loss, parenting struggles, financial crisis? Yes, of course! Sometimes when things seem to be “smooth sailing” in our lives, we can be more receptive to professional feedback, learning to be more mindful, exploring new coping skills for when we face new challenges and adventures, and practicing self-care. The therapists at Foundations Family Counseling take a holistic approach to counseling: we focus on emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health (as they all impact each other) so that we can approach life from a balanced perspective. One important component of this holistic approach is that if we practice mindfulness, self-care, and coping skills on a regular basis when life is “good,” those tools and strategies will be that much more accessible to us when we have issues or problems. And perhaps we will feel less like we are grasping at straws.

So, there really is no “wrong” time to seek therapy. We at Foundations Family Counseling are here for you in “good” times and “bad,” and will provide you with the space and tools you need for whatever is going on in your life right now. If anything in this blog resonates with you, take the first step. Call us at 303-393-0085 or visit us on the web at and we will get you on the right track for getting where you want to go.

–Jennie Tuttle Baughn, LPC