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5 Key Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are two of the most commonly prescribed forms of self-care, but they are also valuable tools in psychotherapy. The underlying principles of both practices can help people manage a variety of mental illnesses and life stressors.

Mindfulness is simply the act of being present. It can be as simple as looking up and noticing the hue of the sky and rustle of wind in the leaves. Meditation comes in many forms, but all of them tend to be more focused, inviting you to sit, stand or walk while directing your attention to your breathing or a mantra you repeat in your head.

If you are interested in how mindfulness and meditation could help you, let’s explore five of the greatest benefits they offer.

More Patience

Do you often find yourself getting fed up with others or feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do? It’s easy to become withdrawn, angry and even experience burnout when we lack patience. When you’re dealing with a mental illness, most of your energy is devoted to simply showing up where you need to be. There’s very little left over to expend on explaining yourself to others or trying to do more than the bare minimum.

Mindfulness can help you regain focus and become more patient with yourself throughout the day. Meditation gives you an opportunity to take a much-needed break without having to put down everything that requires your attention.

Less Stress and Anxiety

Directing your attention to the present, even just for a few minutes, helps you realign with your goals and avoid negative, anxious thoughts about the future you can’t control. It also helps you feel a greater sense of stability even when you are faced with things that make you nervous, be it an upcoming exam or a job interview.

Depression Relief

Depression can mask our true selves and cause us to feel like a stranger in our own skin. Mindfulness and meditation help you reconnect with the person underneath the sorrow and cynicism; it can be your first step in rebuilding and finding a way out of the depression cycle.

A Stronger Sense of Security

Meditation and mindfulness are two coping mechanisms you can rely on every day. Beyond their long-reaching benefits, each of these practices requires nothing but your brain and breath to work. Mindfulness presents us with the realization we are never truly alone; meditation helps us keep hold of who we are in the midst of our emotions and thoughts.

Improved Resilience

Rejection is inevitable, but it does not have to be catastrophic. Mindfulness can help us learn from our pain and process things so they do not become repressed and toxic influences in our minds. Meditation, on the other hand, gives us a reprieve from our challenges as well as a safe, quiet space to go and reflect, practice gratitude and restore our strength.

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