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Children’s Telecounseling in Denver

Children’s mental health is just as important as adults, but their emotions and thoughts are often not expressed the same way. As they grow, children are learning how to form healthy relationships with others and themselves; anxiety and depression among children can have lasting effects on their burgeoning self-esteem, which is what makes early intervention all the more important.

Although we may not be able to meet physically right now due to COVID-19, we offer online children’s therapy that can help your child adjust to the changes of virtual learning, social distancing and other struggles they might be facing.

How Child Counseling Works

As with adults, therapy can be used to either treat specific disorders or problems or help people adjust or cope with general life events. Whether it’s moving to a new school, bullying or even getting a new sibling, there are many major changes that can impact a child’s mind. While most adults wrestle with the same difficult feelings for long periods of time, everything is new to a child. Feeling depressed, disappointed, going through grief and even self-doubt can be difficult for a child to recognize, let alone articulate.

Through play and creative exercises, licensed therapists communicate in a manner that is intuitive to children. Asking them to draw their house and family, for example, can produce a detailed visual of their emotions that express how they feel about individual family members and their own role in the household.

Counseling for children spans from toddlers to teenagers; the common themes and struggles growing beings face are not less valid or real simply because of age. Counseling helps children make sense of difficult thoughts, feelings and experiences by breaking them down into more manageable pieces. With a therapist’s help, children can build emotional intelligence and develop self-awareness as they work through tough times.

Telecounseling for Children

Telecounseling puts your child in touch with a licensed counselor through video conferencing software like Zoom or Skype. We are highly flexible and willing to adapt to your child’s needs and schedule. Due to the coronavirus, more patients are in need of online services.

Although online therapy may look different than traditional models, there is no difference in the quality of care and compassion our counselors provide. Parents who wish to speak to a therapist about their child’s behavior can reach out online as well. A variety of different activities can be done virtually that mimic the same exercises a therapist would do with a child during a session in the office.

Online children’s therapy can address a variety of subjects including mood struggles, learning disabilities, developmental delays, behavioral issues and adjustment to changes like social distancing and COVID-19. If you would like to learn more or schedule an appointment with one of our counselors, call us or click here.