How to Stay Fresh While Working From Home

Remote work felt like a dream for many of us in the early days of COVID-19, but after almost a year indoors, we’re beginning to feel the strain and struggle of working from home. While there are many benefits to virtual workspaces, it’s also a challenge for many of us to stay focused, engaged and motivated at work. Coupled with the lack of opportunity to live our lives the way we used to, work performance can rapidly decline as the remote life becomes more of a permanent facet of our existence.

At Foundations Family Counseling, we believe that individuals always have the ability to influence their lives. Your well-being is always in your hands, even when there are many things out of your control. It’s our goal to help each client realize their fullest potential, especially in circumstances that make them feel completely powerless to enact change.

How to Stay Motivated Working From Home

Objectives and incentives are the key aspects to home in on while you try to boost your energy levels and motivation at home. Objectives should be measurable and flexible, so they can meet you where you are rather than creating additional pressure and stress. For example, on days it took a tremendous amount of effort to even get out of bed, your first objective might be logging into your email account. That’s it. Done. Then, you can move on to another objective, which is reading any emails that came in overnight and responding within the hour. Now you’ve already accomplished two goals.

You can expand these goals and objectives as your workload increases and your motivation levels change. Incentives are also another important aspect; whenever you achieve something, however small, acknowledge that. You can give yourself a mental pat on the back or use a physical reward like a healthy treat. Pairing incentives with new habits you’re trying to build is a good way to make working from home feel less punitive.

Move Your Office

Working from the same space every day was originally promoted as a good way to create a barrier between your work and personal life. However, after so many months at your desk or a kitchen table, you likely need a change. Diversify your space as much as possible; move your desk to another room, and sit by a window. Take breaks more often, light new candles/incense and make sure that you follow routines that fill you with a sense of direction.

Every morning, you should still get dressed in comfy clothes, wash your face and brush your teeth. Personal styling can help you feel a greater sense of change, even when you are just spending another day at home.

Incorporate New Activities

Outside of working hours, you should try your best to structure your day around a variety of stimulating activities. There’s nothing wrong with a night spent binging Netflix, but make sure that you add variety to your week with other hobbies. Create themed days of the week, like language-learning Fridays and art Mondays. These will help you build a sense of growth and change despite the fact your work is grounded in place.

If you find yourself struggling to regain motivation or need more advice, one of our counselors would be happy to help. Contact Foundations Family Counseling to learn more about our services and offerings.

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