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Online Counseling for Anxiety & Depression

Every year, millions of Americans are impacted by mental and emotional struggles. Anxiety and depression are two of the most common that are often misunderstood. Human beings have the strange tendency to discredit their own feelings; our sadness is never serious enough to seek help for, and our worries are considered embarrassing faults that make us stupid rather than real problems that deserve to be heard and comforted.

There is often a point where we realize that our negative feelings are more than just a bad mood or a difficult time. Depression and anxiety, either alone or together, impact every aspect of our lives. Trying to keep up a facade is exhausting, and pretending that we are okay when we know< we aren’t only leaves us feeling alone and helpless.

Although they may feel nearly all-consuming, depression and anxiety are highly treatable. Whether you have struggled for years or only begun to notice a difference in your mental health, online counseling is one of the most immediate and accessible ways to get help.

The Impact of Anxiety and Depression on Our Daily Lives

Depression and anxiety may feel like two of our best-kept secrets, but it isn’t until we begin addressing them that we can realize the full impact they have on everything we do. Depression is more than just isolating. It demotivates and degrades you, overrunning your head with negative thoughts that only reinforce feelings of hopelessness and isolation.

Anxiety causes people to adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms just to manage simple tasks. You may be driven to destructive acts or harmful habits just to ease your symptoms and get a break from your own thoughts.

Both anxiety and depression shrink our world while making everything else around us feel overwhelming. Relationships suffer, our self-esteem plummets, and we may even avoid or reject wonderful opportunities because of fear or fatigue.

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety disorders can fuel depression and vice-versa. Nearly half of people diagnosed with depression also have an anxiety disorder. Some signs you may be experiencing anxiety and depression include:

  • Persistent thoughts or worries that don’t go away
  • Feeling tired and mentally drained even after getting enough sleep
  • Changing in eating or sleeping habits
  • Finding it difficult to ever relax or “turn your brain off.”
  • Racing and/or intrusive thoughts about yourself, others or events
  • Experiencing guilt, shame or embarrassment about how you feel

Online Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

Social isolation during the coronavirus pandemic can seriously impact your mental health. Anxiety might be at an all-time high as you worry about your health, your loved ones and the economy. Depression is also understandable at a time when so much is beyond your control. Although you might feel completely alone, you never are. Our therapists offer online counseling that can help you cope with present struggles and treat more on-going problems.

Whether you have anxiety, depression or just need someone to talk to, we’re here to listen and help. To learn more about our online counseling or to schedule an appointment, click here.