How to Maintain Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has already had a major impact on people’s lives, from work and school to finances and health anxiety. Stress is a natural response to such a major change, but the additional effects of the pandemic can have a negative impact on your mental health. We’re here to help you work through this time together. From social distancing to coping with loneliness and depression during self-isolation, here are some ways you can look after your mental health during the coronavirus.

Stay Connected Virtually

Social distancing means most of us will be spending the majority of our time away from friends, significant others and colleagues. Although staying apart right now is the best way to protect ourselves and one another, we cannot ignore the loneliness that arises.

Remember that although you may not be able to be together physically, the internet makes it possible to still see each other often. Coworkers can hold virtual meetings, and you can have Facetime dates and catch-up sessions with your partner and friends.

Make it a point to speak to someone at least once a day. Staying connected to the outside world is important when you’re staying indoors for weeks on end.

Make Time for Hobbies

Whether you are working remotely or have been laid off during the virus, it’s important to fill your day with activities that bring you happiness. Hobbies are a good outlet for stress and anxiety, but they can also help us take a temporary mental “break” from all the uncertainty in the outside world.

You’ll be able to dedicate more time to what you love during self-quarantine, so don’t feel guilty for doing something that you love.

Stay Active

Now that gyms are closed and we’re at home, it can be tempting to stay on the couch or laze in bed all day. While you will undoubtedly spend more time watching Netflix, make sure that you still get at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day. YouTube has no shortage of workouts you can do at home, and there are even plenty of live workout classes being hosted online.

Exercise is wonderful for stress and anxiety relief, and it can also help keep depression at bay. The simple act of moving can help us work through what we’re feeling.

Be Mindful About Your Media Consumption

The countless headlines and 24-hour coverage can cause you to spend hours a day thinking about the coronavirus. Although it does have a major impact on our lives, there is still plenty going on outside of the pandemic. Avoid indulging your anxiety by reading up on all the latest stories; check official sources for important information regarding your community instead.

Get Help if You Need It

There’s no shame in struggling with your mental health, especially during such a challenging time. If you need to speak with someone, the professional counselors at Foundations Family Counseling are available even during quarantine. To schedule a virtual therapy appointment, contact us at 303-393-0085 or send us a message on our contact form.