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Virtual Counseling for Parents During COVID-19

The normal struggles parents deal with have been magnified tenfold in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. You may find yourself at a loss with how to help your children cope and keep up with everything while struggling with your own mental health. Depression and anxiety are natural during such a stressful time, but they can be handled with the help of a professional.

By learning some practical tips and tools, you can manage stress, take care of your family and still find time for self-care. Virtual therapy for parents is designed to match your schedule and meet your needs, especially those that have gone completely unmet and unacknowledged during the outbreak.

Struggles Parents Face During the Coronavirus

Heightened stress and anxiety, coupled with financial stress and a lack of personal space, can make parenting even harder than usual. You may find yourself emotionally drained constantly, quick to anger and losing patience despite your best efforts.

Health anxiety, finding a job or dealing with behavioral issues are all major sources of stress that impact your ability to be present and parent peacefully.

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to embrace small, simple ways to restore your inner balance. The most efficient way to prioritize self-care as a parent is to align your me-time with your children’s schedules. For example, while little ones nap, you may decide to join them or use the opportunity to de-stress with a light workout.

Establishing a New Routine

You may have been okay with quarantine initially, allowing kids to sit around in their PJs and treat it like a vacation. But as the long-standing effect of COVID-19 becomes more obvious, it’s important to begin establishing new rules that add structure to your family’s life.

As you and your children transition to a life that is largely digital, it’s important to find new ways to stay active and engage with each other. Consider playing soccer in the backyard, practicing yoga together or hosting a weekly, screen-free board game night.

Fostering Intimacy in Your Relationship

Although you may be parents first, the key to a healthy relationship is appreciating every person as an individual. Carving out time to spend one-on-one can help keep a relationship feeling like a safe haven rather than a source of stress and expectation.

Date night during the coronavirus doesn’t have to be extravagant to be meaningful; cook a meal together, watch a movie or dance to your favorite songs after putting the kids to bed. With the right mindset, quarantine can actually give couples a chance to focus more on one another and deepen their bond.

How Virtual Counseling Can Help

It’s normal to feel disoriented and exhausted during this time; everyone has been personally affected to some degree by COVID-19, and everyone deserves a chance to express what they’re feeling and receive support.

Therapy puts you first, which is something many parents are struggling to do right now. Whether you need help coping with your mental health or simply just need someone to talk to, our counselors are here for you.

If you are interested in our virtual parent coaching services, please contact us today.