Drink To Your Health 365 Days A Year

H2O: Your Lifesaver

We are almost made of water; at least 60%-70%! When we are properly hydrated that number can rise even further. Having clean water is very important to keep our cells hydrated, from the very inner core of our body systems to our outer skin, hair, and nails. When we are always on the go, and have so many quick and convenient options full of chemicals and flavors, why choose water? Drinking water is absolutely essential to survival. Three days without it, and you are lucky to be alive. Water doesn’t always taste great though, and some people struggle to drink even one 8oz glass per day. If you are one of the lucky ones who loves, no CRAVES, water, then congratulate yourself with another drink! If you struggle, please read on.

Tea Parties ARE For Adults

There are many, many plants that can be steeped in hot water and brewed into various tonics for health, vitality, and energy. This means that when you drink tea, you are also drinking…you guessed it…water! The good news is that this counts, and when you drink certain teas, you are adding even more benefits to your health. There are many varieties of tea, and different types of tea that come from harvesting the plant at different times of the growing season. Camellia Sinensis is one of the most popular, as well as Camellia Assamica, which is in the same Genus. Then, there are many healing herbs such as Slippery Elm for a sore throat, or Chamomile and Lemon Balm for relaxation and sleep.

Juice Is Too!

Juicing is another way to get hydration, directly from food sources. When choosing a juicer, make sure you invest in one of moderate to high quality. Through a series of pulverization chambers, vegetable and fruit are processed whole or cut into chunks. Through great pressure, all of the liquid is squeezed out of the fibers, and the pulp is expelled into another container. You can use a wide variety of foods in the juicer. Such as kale, lemons, apples, carrots, ginger, oranges, beets, mangoes, and many others. When you use mainly vegetables, you can then save the pulp and make it into veggie patties with a few extra ingredients. Here are some great recipes you can try at home!

What ARE Probiotics?

Probiotics have a very well known archnemesis, and that is the group of drugs known as antibiotics. It is true that antibiotics are a very important part of our healthcare system to help prevent the spread of disease, but they also kill off all of our “friendly” bacteria in the process. We must rehabilitate our intestinal flora if we hope to regain health after a round of antibiotics. This comes in the form of several different cultured and fermented drinks, including Kombucha, Jun, Kvass, and Kefir. Kombucha and Jun are made by fermenting teas and sugar or honey, and grows in the same way as a vinegar host. Kvass, a Russian health drink, is made by fermenting beet juice, and Kefir is made by culturing dairy, nut milks, or coconut milk with “grains” that bind to the milk proteins, creating a mucous layer in the gut that allows for the regrowth of beneficial bacteria. All of these are important additions to your routine.

Cleanse Your Body

This is one category that too few of us are utilizing to maintain a healthier system. Fasting has been used as a way to cleanse the body in religious and spiritual organizations for a great many years, and cleansing is just as important. Often we have sluggish digestion for a number of reasons, one being dehydration, another being lack of fiber. Whatever the cause, just like the pipes in your house, your digestive tract contains a winding series of tubes that need to be cleaned out on a regular basis for optimal digestive health. This is another reason to consider probiotic drinks, as they will help you to rehabilitate you digestive tract afterwards. One of the most popular cleanses out there is called The Master Cleanse. For 3-10 days a mixture of fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and Grade B maple syrup is the only combination of fluids beyond water that is consumed. Here we are, full circle, back to water again. Raise a glass to your health today!

Cleanse Your Mind

We are holistic beings. Even though we all probably know this by now, we don’t tend to treat ourselves as though this is the deeper truth. It’s so easy to get caught up in how our bodies are functioning apart from our minds and how we are feeling in our emotional and psychological selves, apart from our bodies. BUT… our bodies and minds are so related… so tangled up in each other, that it is difficult to know what is affecting what. There are very real and practical ways to capitalize on the resources available in our minds and bodies. Our next post will address these approaches!

In the meantime… we want you to know that Foundations Family Counseling is truly interested in and committed to working with you in a holistic way. We want you to discover health at all levels. We can understand where you are coming from, what you are wanting, and we tend to know how to get you to where you are wanting to go. Call us at 303-393-0085 or visit us at www.foundationsfamilycounseling.com. We are ready to help you get to that next step.

And… of course… hitting the gym (or even your own home gym) is always one solid way to boost your mind and body at all levels!