Choosing the Right Therapist: Part 1

Choosing the ‘right’ therapist can be a tricky endeavor. There are so many things to consider – location, specialties, insurance, out of pocket cost, the value you place on counseling, and how to find the best fit. And if you’ve searched for a therapist before or are searching for one now, you may know what I mean. So often, we don’t even feel like we are launched into the process of therapy by our own choosing; but rather by circumstance, crisis, desperation, and need. And so, knowing what we want or even need in a therapist can be difficult.

It is here, though, that the first questions that will help you choose the right therapist begin…

The process starts with asking a few questions of yourself; and, finding the right therapist begins with discovering some key things about yourself. The search for the ‘right fit’ starts with some common self-orienting questions:

  • What am I needing?
  • What am I wanting?
  • Why am I seeking counseling right now?
  • What do I want to accomplish or see happen through therapy?
  • Am I willing to learn (or be challenged and confronted)?
  • Am I willing to trust someone else with my pain?

However you answer these questions is fine. Hopefully these answers will provide you and your prospective counselor with some really workable and helpful information.

Sometimes we don’t know what we want… that’s good info.

Sometimes we aren’t willing to learn… that’s good info.

Don’t worry about the so-called “quality” of your answers… but do be honest in answering them. Your “right fit” will come out of what you begin to see and learn about yourself; what you are truly wanting, needing, and hoping for.

From here, there are a few things you need to know about the field of psychology and how to navigate it. It is also helpful to know what to ask professionals once you are on the phone with them and trying to figure out if they are the right one. These will be discussed in future blogs.

Again, there are a dozen questions you could ask of a clinician from whom you are seeking services (and we will get to those), but the key is… you must first start with yourself.

If you are looking for a great therapist, we have them! And we don’t take that statement lightly. There are so many really great therapists out there. To suggest that we have the corner on the market on good counseling is ridiculous. But our clinicians are awesome; personable, knowledgeable, expert, and inviting. They truly love what they do and genuinely care for their clients. Reach out to us by calling 303-393-0085 or email us at We want to support you in getting the best help available!

~ Mikey Brackett, LPC