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5 Ways Being Single is Great for your Mental Health

When you think of being single, what comes to mind? For many, the word “single” has become synonymous with loneliness, sadness and a feeling of unworthiness. Society has conditioned many of us to believe that our fullest potential can only be realized when there’s someone by our side to validate it, but this is only a state of mind.

When you challenge your perspective on what being single means, you might be surprised to discover how many benefits there are. Whether you’ve just gotten out of a relationship or haven’t dated in a long time (or ever!), here are five amazing advantages to being single right now.

Get to Know Your Values

Dating is just one part of your entire life. Being single gives you a chance to discover what really matters to you and what you eventually want out of a relationship. You have the chance to develop personal boundaries and heal from any negative past experiences that might be holding you back.

Values shape so much of who we are and how we live; it’s important to develop them on our own so we can find people who share and respect them.

Develop Healthy Friendships

Friendships are important because they allow you to be yourself outside of a romantic framework; support systems with people who are by your side for the long-haul. Friendship is a great way to start learning how to build and maintain healthy relationships; they’re low-pressure and come with far less expectation. Making new friends can also be a great way to build confidence and gradually overcome social anxiety.

Pursue New Interests

Hobbies and passions shape who we are and keep life interesting. When you’re single, all of your freetime can be dedicated to following your interests, learning new things and building new skills.

Whatever you want to try is yours for the taking! Pursuing hobbies through classes and meet-up events are also a great way to meet those new friends.

Learn the Value of Self-Care

It’s easy to get so caught up on another person’s needs that you forget to meet your own. When we become dependent on our partner to make us feel whole, problems can arise. Not being in a relationship is the perfect time to truly invest in learning what it means to take care of you.

Figure out your needs, understand what you need to fulfill them and revel in how much there is to who you are beyond being someone’s significant other.

Self-care is all about caring for your mind, body and soul. Without a partner to focus on, it becomes much easier to concentrate on the areas of your life that need the most love and care.

Connect With Your Most Authentic Self

When you’re dating, it can be hard to see yourself outside of a relationship. You may even become afraid to express your true desires or wants because you’re afraid of what your partner will think.

Being single gives you the freedom to discover your truest self and invest your time, heart and love into yourself. Rather than being distracted or influenced by someone else’s wants, you get to create your own goals, define your own dreams and do exactly what you want to be happy.

Living a life of purpose starts from within. Being single doesn’t mean you’ll be alone forever, but it also doesn’t mean you should rush into dating out of anxiety. Appreciate the journey of being single for the benefits it presents. For more information on how being single is great for your mental health, contact Foundations Family Counseling.