Ryan Hicks

An Independent Contractor With Foundations Family Counseling

Making changes is an intimidating process for all of us. Ryan joins you, wherever you are, in your quest for building the best life and the best relationships possible. He understands the therapeutic process, knows its power, and wants to guide you through it. By helping you to engage with the things that hurt and are causing problems, Ryan will work with you and the barriers and difficulties you are encountering, and help you move through life with a sense of strength, resilience, and connection to the ones you love.

Many of the problems in our life come from confusion, stress, disappointment, and hurt… which we avoid. The thing is, we experience even more pain in life when we deny these parts of ourselves. Ryan will help you engage with the emotions and thoughts that are at the core of what is blocking you from having the life that you want. He will help you build safe, secure relationships and help you heal the pain and hurt from your past so that you can live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Ryan received his Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Harding University. Beyond his graduate work, he also has Advanced Training in Emotionally Focused Therapy and incorporates hypnotic techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and cognitive interventions based in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to help clients live the lives that they want.

Outside of his therapeutic work, you can find Ryan reading, drinking too much coffee, playing music, skateboarding, and rock climbing.

Ryan’S Specialties:

•  Couples Counseling
•  Emotional Disconnection
•  Sexual Difficulties for Individuals and Couples

•  Anxiety & Depression
•  Trauma
•  Men’s Mental Health

•  Divorce Recovery & Partner Grieving
•  Disconnection for Couples
•  Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

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