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With over 25 years of experience working with adults, adolescents and children, Thea understands that all of us want something so foundational that it’s easy to miss. It’s easy to forget just how vital it is. We want peace, rest, and renewal of the mind, spirit, and body. And then building on top of this, we want personal relationships that become the very structure of our lives, giving us a sense of stability and safety – something we can count on. We want a foundation that feels like a place from which we can launch out into the world and explore and live and thrive and even struggle, while feeling connected and not alone. Personal restoration is the vital starting place for our ability to create and allow for all of this.

And this is where Thea comes into the picture. She will help you find this personal restoration and sense of grounding that will allow you to thrive in your primary relationships in your family and at school, and in your various communities – including your faith community. Using her vast knowledge of systems in all their complexity, and an astute eye for the patterns that emerge in these systems, Thea will help you, your spouse, your family, and your teen find the way through to emotional resilience. Thea will guide you to a more stable sense of direction in your life, and help you discover the types of relationships in which you thrive. Do you feel like worry, fears, and continual stress have run you up against a wall? Are you exhausted and tired and drained? Come, discover a new way, as Thea works with you to find hope.

Thea’s Specialties:

•  Individual Counseling
•  Adolescent Counseling
•  Self-Harm/Cutting
•  Young Adults

•  Couples
•  Families
•  Anxiety & Depression
•  Self-Esteem

•  Issues of Childhood & Adolescence (ADHD, social anxiety/separation anxiety, school and friendships)

Foundations Family Counseling

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