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Developing a Successful School Routine for the Family

Looking forward to summer break is the highlight for many kids as they work hard to make it to the next level of their school career. When summer starts, families often throw routine out the window. Parents become more lenient on bedtimes, meal schedules, and daily activities. Vacations and day trips often tip the scales of routine and consistency, leaving you to dread the last days of summer when you must once again become accustomed to schedules, time, and procedures. There are steps that can be taken to ease these challenges and help to make going back to school a smooth transition.

Use a Family Calendar

Family Calendars can be used to help you and your family communicate requirements throughout the week. It is a good idea to use a different color for each family member and for it to be placed in a high traffic area for all to see. This can help track afterschool activities, late work meetings, or an evening game night. Everything on the calendar will give your family a way to let each other know their needs so that a plan can be made to make sure the comings and goings of the family is a smooth process.

Make a Nightly Routine

Set a time in the evening to get ready for the next day. Have a set dinner time, followed by baths, bookbag checks, pack lunches, clean up, and bedtimes. If this is completed every night, it will set you up for an easier morning. It is important to give everyone the time they need to complete all tasks before bed. This could be different for each family member depending on their age and stage of development, and may need to be tweaked a few times before it is perfected.

Meal Prep for the week ahead

Use the weekend to plan for the next week’s meals. Use the calendar to see what activities are on the schedule so you can decide what type of meals will be needed. Do your shopping for the week and prep upcoming meals. Making larger quantities of meals that can be used as leftovers makes things really easy. It will be helpful to label prepared containers for easy identification.

Planning your weeks and having clear routines will drastically reduce the anxiety of going back to school for all family members and it will help your kids adjust quicker and easier. Kids will learn to adapt by watching and following the plans that you have in place. Consistency is key! Start early so everyone will have a chance to learn what to expect and have the time needed to make changes where needed. Contact Foundations Family Counseling today.