What is Spirituality and Faith Counseling?

What is Spirituality and Faith Counseling?

When life gets hard to bear, it’s natural to look for comfort, strength and even answers in a higher power. For many, spirituality is what gets them through the most challenging times of their lives, but for others, faith in itself is a struggle. You may have grown apart from the religion you grew up with or wrestle with doubts that bring you anxiety and even shame.

Spirituality is actually much greater than any one religion; in spiritual therapy, your individual beliefs and needs are explored through the context of finding a deeper sense of truth and meaning in life. If you struggle with depression, existentialism or anxiety, leaning into spirituality can provide a source of comfort and direction.

What Is Spiritual Therapy

Our spiritual in person and virtual counseling in Denver, CO, helps people work through their doubts, questions and struggles in a safe, non-judgmental space. Our therapists work with people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds; our goal is not to convert you to any religion but instead help you figure out what your beliefs truly are and live in greater alignment with them.

If you have been pushed away from faith by religious family members or felt rejected by the church, we are here to help you work through those emotions. Healing from spiritual trauma requires vulnerability, humility and acceptance. Learning to sit with your most uncomfortable emotions builds resilience, and it opens the gateway for deeper truth and understanding in your life.

Our spirituality and faith counseling can include a variety of strategies that help people connect with themselves on a deeper level. Some exercises we may try together include:

  • Mindfulness meditation.
  • Asking and exploring questions with no definitive answer.
  • Writing down affirmations that are relevant and meaningful.
  • Learning how to practice gratitude in your daily life.

What to Expect in Spirituality & Faith Counseling

Spirituality counseling aims to treat not just your mental health but your spiritual health as well. We believe in helping people lead more purposeful lives by nurturing their minds, bodies and souls. This looks like creating a safe space for open discussion, finding ways to engage meaningfully with yourself and discovering a higher sense of purpose in your life.

Our therapists goals are not to push any of their own beliefs onto you; instead, we want to help you address your own beliefs, heal from any traumas and find peace among any doubts or questions. If your faith is causing you a significant amount of distress, anxiety or depression, we can take a closer look at the root causes and find answers and solutions that work within your belief system.

Open the Door to Learn More

Sometimes, reaching out and asking questions about spirituality and faith can be the greatest challenge. Faith, while wonderful, is also still highly controversial in many places. Not with us. At Foundations Family Counseling, we welcome any and everyone who wants to connect more, live better and discover peace in their lives.

In addition to faith and spiritual counseling, we also treat a variety of mental health disorders that may intersect with your faith such as OCD, PTSD and depression. To schedule an appointment, please click here.