Virtual Counseling for Depression and Anxiety in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Virtual Counseling for Depression and Anxiety in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Living in a small town can have a serious impact on your mental health. While the charm of rural living can fill you with a sense of comfort, it can also make feelings of isolation and depression worse. When you don’t have many options for reaching out, depression and anxiety can quickly spiral. If you feel like your mental health is suffering in Idaho Springs, Colorado, our therapists are here to help.

Mental Health in Rural Areas

Living in a mountainous town like Idaho Springs, CO, can be a challenge when it comes to accessing mental health treatment. Although the number of people who struggle with mental illness is comparable in small towns and big cities, their options for getting help differ drastically.

Life stressors, like loneliness and unemployment, can also be harder to overcome when living in a rural area. Because there are less opportunities to meet new individuals, building a strong support system can become a challenge. Finding work or changing your career can also be a challenge, and you may feel like you’re “stuck” no matter what you do.

Availability and affordability can be more challenging in a small town. You may also worry about getting treatment in person and having someone you know see you. While mental health is nothing to be ashamed of, depression and anxiety are highly sensitive issues. They are personal, and you deserve to have full control over who knows about your struggles. That’s why we offer virtual counseling.

Should I See a Counselor for My Depression and Anxiety?

Knowing when to see a therapist can be difficult, especially if you believe some of the common myths about mental illness. Many people associate therapy with severe mental health problems, but you likely know how well a person can hide their struggles and come off as “normal” to everyone around them. Having depression or anxiety isn’t a matter of normalcy or abnormality. They don’t make you a worse person, and they have no impact on your value or strength. But they do seriously impact your life, and they may make it more difficult for you to do even routine tasks.

If you are aware of your struggles, that is reason enough to seek help. Virtual counseling gives you easy access to a licensed therapist in Colorado who is trained to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety. They can formally diagnose you with a disorder if applicable, but that isn’t the goal of meeting. Our focus is helping you identify the underlying issues contributing to your issues. Then, we work together to develop new ways of coping and overcoming.

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