The Mind and Body Benefits of Yoga Informed Therapy

The Mind and Body Benefits of Yoga Informed Therapy

Yoga is a unique practice that engages the mind and body. At Foundations Family Counseling, we believe that what occurs in the body affects the mind and vice-versa. Evidence suggests that people who engage in yoga routinely also experience less anxiety and depression symptoms.

Yoga-informed therapy draws the bridge between the benefits of yoga and the benefits of psychotherapy. This unique combination allows you to enhance the experience of yoga by tailoring your poses and practice to treat specific emotions, thoughts, and disorders.

How Does Yoga-informed Therapy Work?

During a session, your therapist guides you through a series of poses while encouraging you to focus on the bodily sensations different emotions create. For example, you may discover that you hold the tension of anxiety in your shoulders and work on learning how to relax them and work through the feeling.

Yoga-informed therapy is similar to talk therapy in that you and your therapist focus on a particular experience or emotional state to work through. You may try yoga-informed therapy to treat trauma, for example, or to manage the effects of chronic depression.

The difference between yoga-informed therapy and talk therapy is the center of attention. Instead of observing thoughts and beliefs, your body is the key to learning about how something is impacting you.

The Benefits of Yoga-informed Therapy

Yoga has been shown to benefit both the mind and body. From a mental standpoint, you can experience greater awareness of your emotions, less anxiety, less stress and reduced depression.

Yoga benefits can also:

  • Help loosen tight muscles and ease soreness.
  • Improve insomnia or sleep issues.
  • Improve awareness of how thoughts and emotions manifest throughout the body.
  • Learn how to soothe yourself by recognizing tension and releasing it.
  • Improve your overall flexibility.
  • Lower stress hormones and reduce negative feelings.

Is Yoga-informed Therapy Right for Me?

If you are interested in yoga and building greater awareness of your body, then you may enjoy this type of therapy.

Some people enjoy participating in yoga-informed therapy because it is more active than typical talk therapy. It allows them to concentrate on their complete emotional experience, including how it makes them feel physically, rather than exploring their feelings verbally.

At Foundations Family Counseling, we can help you explore yoga-informed therapy and its potential benefits. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Colorado office.