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Mikey Brackett

An Independent Contractor With Foundations Family Counseling

Counseling must be creative and collaborative. It must open up the door for you to explore and redefine who you are and what life can look like. For many of us life at times has been far too overwhelming, full of stress and confusing moments and experiences. For many of us we have struggled to maintain hope and joy in the midst of continued let downs and hurts, both big and small.

I offer a variety of therapeutic options proven to help you experience change. My intention is to work with those needing guidance, support, and a chance to reimagine.

It is my hope that in therapy you will find insight and healing. That you will rediscover hope and tangible ways to actualize change and find the next steps forward on a practical and profound level.

I am trained as a Yoga teacher, a Neurofeedback trainer, a Nutritional guide, a ‘Life’ Coach, and a Trauma therapist. I am currently pursuing further development as a fitness personal trainer, an advanced depth psychology yoga practitioner, and a enneagram teacher.

Mikey’s Specialties:
Foundations Family Counseling

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