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Francisca Mix

An Independent Contractor With Foundations Family Counseling

A person’s vitality and life fulfillment can be enhanced through a warm and collaborative therapeutic relationship that enables healing, growth, and change to occur. Embracing the spirit of growth and change requires one to take on new skills and practices with willingness and courage.

I strive to create a safe, creative, open, and nonjudgmental environment where you will feel comfortable articulating and exploring thoughts, feelings, and experiences to learn new ways of being on your life journey. I will provide proven experiential methods, encouragement, gentle challenge and coaching, and playfulness/creativity to facilitate this process.

Being a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT) specializing in trauma, interpersonal dynamics, addiction, and general mental health for over 10 years, I believe that much of our experiences are informed by our past, that our relationships are central to our well being, and that learning to acknowledge and accept all aspects of ourselves creates the potential to reach desired growth and fulfillment.

Engaging in psychotherapy can be simultaneously meaningful, challenging, and rewarding. My hope is that through a collaborative relationship honoring authenticity, courage, and hope, your journey will take on more of your heart’s desire for your best self to be seen and felt.

Francisca’s Specialties:
Foundations Family Counseling

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