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Brandon Bolden, LMFT
An Independent Contractor With Foundations Family Counseling

Healing is a challenging, and sometimes daunting process, especially when we are trying to heal wounds that stem from our relationship with our past, our partner, our family, and even our self. Finding resolution can feel lonely, difficult, and overwhelming, leaving us feeling disconnected and discouraged. In our desperate search for solutions to deal with the interpersonal conflicts, trauma, grief, and other wounds within these relationships, we may do more damage than good. Thankfully, there’s hope. You actually have the power to change these circumstances. We need to believe this, because it is true.

It would be an honor to walk with you and help you find clarity, direction, and peace in the relationships that matter to you. We’ll collaborate and discover strengths, find relief in problematic circumstances, and build healthy, deep, and meaningful connections using a solution-focused and strengths-based approach. You can experience healing, regardless of how the wounds were created. Let’s figure out how.

Brandon’s Specialties:
Foundations Family Counseling

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