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Bozhena loves exploring relationships! She understands how profoundly our lives are influenced by our experiences in relationships and how much our relationships are impacted by our life experiences. So, whether you are seeking help as an individual or a couple, or whether you are struggling with family relationships, friendships, or romantic partnerships, Bozhena wants to help you explore your relationships, understand how you do relationship with yourself and with others, help you find your footing in your relationships, and create the relationships you are wanting.

If you are an individual or couple seeking counseling for your romantic relationship(s), Bozhena would love to help you work through the discord you are having related to intimacy, infidelity, parenting, finances, or any other issues creating conflict. She will work with you to help you experience connection again. Struggles with communication, having a hard time getting on the same page and feeling like a team, adjustments to parenthood, coping with difficult transitions, and dealing with losses are all so very common. You need to know that. It is brave of you to realize that you need professional help to manage your emotional pain and relationship struggles. Reaching out is almost always a vulnerable move.

Relationships can be a significant source of anxiety and distress. Bozhena knows this and understands that you are an individual at the center of multiple forces that are affecting your current situation. The power of her authenticity and warmth will create the just right environment to help you sort through all that weighs heavy on your heart and gets in the way of the love and stability you crave in your life.

How wonderful that you have taken the initial step toward improving your well-being and are committed to learning some tools to create the very best relationships! You’ve done your part. I’m excited to get the chance to do mine.

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Foundations Family Counseling

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