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Alison Cotter

An Independent Contractor With Foundations Family Counseling

When Alison is in the room, you know that you are in a safe and sacred space; a place where you can celebrate and honor your experiences of being deeply human. Therapy is, simply put, an intuitive space for Alison. For her, the work feels natural and she just “gets it.” She knows how to take clients to a depth of knowledge and awareness, and hold them there in safety, so they can discover their own inner knowledge and wisdom, and learn to be who they already are. Alison loves the growth and change process… and the connection she enjoys with her clients. She gets you, because she has been you! She’s been in the same place, with similar thoughts, feelings, and experiences. So, really, you are her people!

Alison works with two different groups of individuals.

Alison has a unique passion for, and extensive experience in, working with children so that they feel empowered, and so that you feel empowered as their parent. Alison will help your child express and process challenging emotions and experiences in safety through play and relationship… all the while modeling coping skills and emotional regulation skills that lead to change. For Alison, the playroom and child-centered therapeutic work, is all about creating a blank canvas for the child, so they can splash all their emotional colors around and create a beautiful piece of art. And then, they can look at it, and see it, and understand it! When working with children, Alison works closely with the parents or caregiver(s), offering parent coaching and support, while helping you understand the therapeutic process, and educating you regarding childhood development and psychology. Alison has formal training in play therapy and has worked with children and parents for many years, guiding them to healing in the therapeutic journey. Alison understands the developing brain of a child and will help you to understand the impact a growing brain can have on the behavior of your child.

For those in their 20’s and 30’s, Alison has such a love and enjoyment in helping you to find clarity in what you are wanting. She understands that you are wanting change, but don’t yet know how to bring it about. She sees your inner wisdom and knowledge. She knows that something doesn’t feel right. And she knows that you want to be seen and known, and that you are looking for guidance in relationship, dating, marriage, career, parenting, identity, and friendships. And she understands that you don’t always know where to start. Reaching out to Alison could be a great place to start!

Alison’s Specialties:
Foundations Family Counseling

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