Is It Your Time to Resign? When to Quit Your Job

Is It Your Time to Resign? When to Quit Your Job

Quitting is something most of us never consider unless we face no other choice. Unfortunately, this mentality can cause people to get stuck in unrewarding, under-appreciative jobs that don’t help them move toward their greatest potential.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking a job solely for the pay, it shouldn’t make you miserable. Finding the right balance between financial stability and emotional enrichment is crucial when strategizing your next career move.

If you’re wondering when it’s time to quit your job, here are five therapist-approved signs you can use to move closer toward the right call for you.

You Are Constantly Burnt Out

You never have any energy or motivation to do things you once loved. Weekend plans are either dreaded all week or never made at all. You may want to cancel fun engagements at the last minute, only to stay inside, cooped up and ruminating about how unhappy you are.

Even when you’re off work, the wrong job will have you constantly feeling tense and exhausted.

There Is No Room for Growth

Despite any promises that may or may not have been made, you haven’t gained any new responsibilities or taken on new projects in a year or more. Work is meant to be rewarding, and that means always offering you the opportunity to refine your skills and develop new ones.

Without a company that believes in your value, you may start to question it yourself.

You’re Always Anxious

From nit-picking bosses to catty coworkers, if your job only leads to anxiety and stress, it may be time to seek new employment. While anxiety can cause people to worry about things that aren’t really problems, real issues that are left untended can also lead to serious anxiety.

Anxiety may manifest in a number of ways, including insomnia, waking up worried or panicked, feeling overwhelmed all the time, withdrawing from friends and family, and repeatedly seeing reassurance.

You Are Undervalued and Underappreciated

Management does not always appreciate talented, hard-working people like they should. Whether it’s a five-person-strong startup or multi-million-dollar corporation, everyone should feel like they’re a valued part of a team.

You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to be noticed or considered. If you are consistently overlooked or ignored at work, then you should think about switching companies. There are opportunities for you that will not only be rewarding but also come with the social connection and appreciation you deserve.

Handle Your Next Career Move With a Therapist’s Support

Therapy and career coaching may be more similar than you think. To help you navigate the frustrations, anxiety, and difficulty of changing jobs, the Foundations Family Counseling team is always available.

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