Individual Counseling in Idaho Springs

Individual Counseling in Idaho Springs

Therapy is for everyone. At Foundations Family Counseling, we offer counseling services to Denver families, couples, children and individuals of all backgrounds and ages. We believe that therapy should be a tool anyone can access when they need it. By going to counseling, you can learn how to live a happier, healthier life, reach goals and overcome struggles in the most supportive environment possible.

What Is Individual Counseling?

Therapy when you work one-on-one with a licensed counselor to work through struggles or receive treatment for a mental illness is called individual counseling. It is also often referred to as talk therapy or psychotherapy. There are many different techniques and theories a counselor may adopt during individual counseling, but they are all delivered in a confidential, personal setting.

You can visit a counselor at their office, or you can attend virtual therapy. For someone living in a remote mountain town like Idaho Springs, getting to your sessions could be a challenge. But you don’t have to live close to an office to speak to a therapist. We offer virtual therapy to everyone that only requires the use of a smartphone or computer.

How Does Virtual Therapy Work?

Just like when you meet with a therapist in real life, virtual counseling is a private space for you to speak openly about what you’re going through. Your counselor will meet with you via video chat using a platform that is HIPPA compliant; this means your personal information remains confidential, and anything you say in a session stays between you and your therapist.

Being able to see a virtual counselor can help you take the first step toward therapy if you’re still apprehensive. It’s natural to feel anxious or even a bit scared of going to counseling. You may fear judgement from others, or you may not have transportation or time to reach the physical office. Virtual counseling gives you the same level of care as in-person therapy, but you can access it whenever and wherever it is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Reasons to Go to Therapy in Idaho Springs, CO

There are many reasons why people choose to speak with us at Foundations Family Counseling. From symptoms of depression and anxiety to relationship struggles, substance misuse, self-esteem issues and stress management, there is never a bad reason to reach out. You can learn more about our individual counseling services here, and contact us with any questions. Once you’re ready to begin, we can help you make an appointment at the time that works best for you.