Finding New Friendships in Littleton, Colorado

Finding New Friendships in Littleton, Colorado

If you’re looking for tips on how to make friends as an adult in Littleton, CO, this post is for you. At Foundations Family Counseling, we believe community and connection are two of the most important factors of good mental health.

Whether you’ve outgrown your friend group, recently moved or are just looking to expand your social circle, it can be difficult getting to know others and make time for socializing with so many other responsibilities.

This post will help you tackle some of the most common challenges people face when trying to form friendships and how to meet new people in Littleton, Colorado.

5 Tips for Making New Friends as an Adult

Many people envision themselves having the same group of friends forever, but life often takes you in different directions. Whether you were childhood companions or met in college, adulthood comes with many changes and responsibilities that can cause people to naturally drift apart. You may have stopped talking to someone as much after they got married or had a child; you might always be busy with work and rarely have time to meet.

These challenges can make you feel lonely and wondering whether you’ll ever get to experience the closeness of a true friendship again. Before you start meeting people, keep these five tips in mind.

Practice Makes Perfect

You might be asking how you can get better at making friends, and the truth is that there is no magic secret. It takes practice talking to people and getting to know others before you’ll feel more comfortable. Therapy can help you learn how to communicate with others and build confidence.

Don’t Forget Your Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are crucial for true intimacy. Make sure that you set some ground rules so you know what you want out of a friendship and what behaviors you won’t tolerate.

Accept Invitations

Quit turning down offers to hang out with your friends or go out for a coffee. If an acquaintance asks you to grab lunch, say yes as long as you’re comfortable meeting them! Just make sure expectations are clear so you don’t unintentionally accept an unwanted date!

Practice Personal Safety

Avoid sharing personal details like your address with anyone you meet online or have only met a few times in person. Don’t invite anyone over to your house or go to theirs. Keep meetings to public settings until you know you can trust them.

Lead a Fun-filled Life

Rather than wait for other people to come into your life and make it interesting, you have to take the reins! Even though you might wish you had more friends right now, you can still get out and make the most of your day. Do things you like, look for local events and plan to go somewhere at least once a week. This will help curb loneliness and open the door for new connections to enter your life.

Meeting New People in Denver

Denver is a 26-minute drive from Littleton, so you’ll have the most luck meeting new people if you search for groups in the city. has plenty of different groups you can join ranging from photography clubs to book clubs and yoga classes. There are also plenty of mixers if you’re interested in dating and meeting singles in Denver and the surrounding areas.

Another good idea is to simply get outside more and start exploring. While classes are a good way to meet people, it’s also likely that you could come across new connections doing things you enjoy alone. This could be browsing a second-hand record store, trying a new coffee shop or visiting a museum.

Struggling With Loneliness? Therapy Can Help

If you’re not sure how to make new friends or feel like getting close to people is a challenge, therapy can help you. Foundations Family Counseling has a team of dedicated professional counselors who help people improve their lives step by step. Whether you are going through a difficult period, suffer from a mental illness or just need some advice, we’re here to listen.

Contact Foundations Family Counseling today for more information or to schedule your next session!